TCU Master of Science in Business Analytics

Gain a Career Edge and Invest in Your Future with a Business Analytics Degree

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Business leaders across global industries are looking for innovative, tech-savvy employees who can skillfully use analytics to deliver actionable insights to capitalize on market opportunities.

At the TCU Neeley School of Business, you can gain that coveted edge in just one year with a Master of Science in Business Analytics: increase your value in the job market, change your career trajectory and boost future earnings.

What You Will Gain

The MS in Business Analytics prepares you for a dynamic and exciting career, unleashing the power of modern data science to solve business challenges. You’ll identify why things are the way they are, anticipate trends and predict outcomes. You’ll delve into analytics, models, visualization, predictive analytics, people analytics and more.

No business degree? No problem. Recent college graduates from all majors and young professionals from all industries are welcome. Business analytics training has broad-reaching impact and applications in the marketplace.

“As a person with a background that is quite different than business, the MSBA gave me the chance
to broaden my professional horizons in this growing field.”

− Cameron Estrada MSBA ’21, TCU social work undergraduate alumna

In the TCU MSBA program, you’ll gain:

  • A STEM-designated degree that signals to companies you’ve mastered the in-demand analytical skills that make you more agile, strategic and valuable
  • Insights from professors who consult for major companies
  • Strong relationships with classmates from all degrees and industries, complementing your experience
  • Access to the global TCU network of influential alumni and business executives
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Consult on Company Projects, Get Hired

You’ll gain hands-on, real-world experience through a capstone data project. Companies across industry will pitch projects to your class in the fall. You choose the project and team, work on it through spring, and then present your recommendations to the client.

“You get a chance to incorporate the hard and soft skills you’ve learned into a project that has real-world elements.”
− Natascha Hartvich MSBA ’21, MBA ’20, Vanguard University undergraduate alumna

Companies are so impressed with our students’ work, they hire them. In fact, 91 percent of our MSBA graduates accept job offers within six months after obtaining their degrees and earn an average base salary of $70,485.

American Airlines, Amazon, AT&T, Charles Schwab, Deloitte, GM Financial and PMG are just a few big league companies that hire our graduates.

Change Your Future in One Year

That’s all it takes to grow your worth and add value — today and for years to come. The possibilities are endless. Just ask our graduates.

“I’ve developed strong analytical skills and gained a better understanding of how data can have a positive impact on any business in the current job market.”
− Vinay Ragala MSBA ’21, UT engineering undergraduate alumnus

“My degree supports my career at PMG Digital Agency. Consider a TCU MSBA to expand your skill set to fit our analytics-focused world.”
− Emily Pook MSBA ’21, TCU economics undergraduate alumna

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