McCombs School of Business One-Year Master’s Degree

Texas McCombs is more than just a business school. It’s a place to learn, grow, make connections and network, and ultimately it launches meaningful and successful careers.

Students can choose between five one-year specialized master’s programs offered in the McCombs School of Business. These programs are top-ranked in their fields and taught by leading research faculty in the areas of data analytics, finance, accounting, marketing, and emerging technologies (including blockchain and cybersecurity).

These five programs are open to students with a bachelor’s degree (or in their final year of undergrad) in any major, and no work experience is required to apply. In as little as ten months, students can earn the following master’s degrees from Texas McCombs:

Master in Professional Accounting 

Master of Science in Marketing

Master of Science in Information 

Technology & Management

Master of Science in Finance

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Taking a closer look at the one-year master’s programs, the Master in Professional Accounting program offers a solid accounting foundation in taxation, auditing, financial reporting, and data analytics. Students can enroll in various accounting and MBA electives, as well choose between four track options that are tailored to meet an individual’s career goals.

Students interested in a data-driven master’s degree that combines traditional, qualitative marketing with cutting-edge data analytics training can earn a Master of Science in Marketing. This STEM eligible program is grounded in marketing analytics and prepares students to transform data, gather insights, and develop meaningful business solutions in their careers.

Information technology continually alters the experience of business, social, and even physical interactions worldwide, and the job market reflects the need for developments in information systems. The STEM designated Master of Science in IT & Management program prepares students for disruptive innovations and emerging technologies as they look to contribute to the workforce.

The Master of Science in Finance program offers a unique intersection of understanding finance theory and applying technical, quantitative skills in both the classroom and the workplace. This program is STEM eligible and designed by industry experts to help students acquire high-demand financial modeling to broaden career opportunities.

Current technologies generate a massive amount of data from both business transactions and user generated data, leading to an increase in demand for data analytics professionals. Graduates from the STEM designated Master of Science in Business Analytics program are prepared to leverage statistical analysis, data mining, natural language processing, optimization, and machine learning to address business management issues in finance, marketing, and supply chain management.

The diversity of classes, faculty, students, and ideas fostered at Texas McCombs helps prepare students to work and lead anywhere in the world. Explore Texas McCombs one-year master’s degrees and apply to join the Class of 2022 by visiting:

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