UW’s Master of Science in Technology Innovation

From smart homes to smart health, computing technologies are transforming our daily lives and powering innovation across the globe. University of Washington’s new Master of Science in Technology Innovation teaches you how to design, develop and launch the smart and connected solutions of the future.

The MSTI degree is offered by an interdisciplinary group of leading UW faculty in partnership with the Global Innovation Exchange, a new collaboration between the UW and Tsinghua University in China, with support from Microsoft.

In addition to the Seattle-based MSTI degree, students can pursue an existing dual degree option that includes study at Tsinghua’s campus in Beijing.

“We intend to teach students enough in each area–design thinking, technology development and entrepreneurship–to build their confidence in pursuing their own innovations in high-impact fields such health and sustainability, and improving standards of living both locally and globally.” Shwatek Patel, Washington Research Foundation Entrepreneurship Endowed Profesor, Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, GIX.

The MSTI is a full-time, 15-month (five-quarter) degree program. During weekdays, students will attend classes and work in the launch project space at the new, state-of-the-art GIX facility in Bellevue’s Spring District development, near Seattle. Because of the program’s intensive nature–requiring the time commitment of a full-time job–it’s not intended for people who want to work while they earn their degree.

Experiential learning is a at the core of the MSTI program. Students will take a combination of classroom and studio/lab courses, advancing as a cohort through three learning phases–Prepare, Practice and Launch.

In the Prepare phase, students will get a foundation in design thinking, hardware and software development and entrepreneurship. Then in the Practice phase, students will put those skills to use on a variety of team projects. In the Launch phase, student teams will take a product idea far enough that it could become a new start-up venture or solve a business challenge for an established company or non-profit.

For students interested in developing a global perspective on technology innovation, we offer a 21-month dual degree that combines the UW MSTI with a Master of Engineering in Data Science & Information Technology (MEDSIT) at Tsinghus University in China.

Dual degree students complete the MSTI curriculum first, then continue their studies in Beijing for an additional six months to earn both the UW and Tsinghua degrees.

The MEDSIT incorporates the experience of the MSTI program and goes into greater depth on marketing, data science, design and technology, and business development from the perspective of China’s business culture. You’ll complete your studies at Tsinghua with a master’s thesis that documents your unique research and scholarly contribution to a project undertaken during your studies. Instruction is in English.