Advance Unconventional Wisdom at Rice

Rice University is seeking outstanding students to train to become the next generation of leaders. If you qualify, we will provide you with amazing educational and research opportunities and pay you for pursuing your doctorate.

Rice is consistently ranked among the top universities; our graduate students work on cutting-edge research with outstanding professors, including Nobel Prize laureates.

Furthermore, Rice uniquely blends research excellence with entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. We find real-world applications for our research–and have the right structure, such as a business incubator–to help our students develop innovative processes for industry, acquire patents, or establish their own startups.

Rice’s culture also encourages students to interact actively with other members of the University. In particular, our incredibly low student-to-faculty ration (3:1) will enable you to have frequent and meaningful interactions with your research advisor, other professors, and fellow students.

After they graduate, our students go on to successful careers in all types of prestigious organizations: companies, universities, nonprofit agencies, and governmental organizations. For instance, some of our graduates are instrumental decision-makers at Google, Princeton University, the United Nations, and NASA.

Rice offers extremely attractive financial support to qualified doctoral students. You will receive full-tuition support (a value in excess of $43,000 per year) and a generous stipend. That means you can earn your Ph.D. and get paid for it.

Studying at Rice is a great way to launch your career:

  • Conduct research in an ideal setting
  • Develop first-rate research and entrepreneurship skills
  • Acquire a degree with high recognition in the U.S. and the rest of the world
  • Have a truly well-rounded experience in the fourth largest city in the U.S. that is also very culturally diverse
  • Study alongside extremely talented students and develop a powerful professional network
  • Join the university that was the birthplace and remains a key hub of nanotechnology, collaborates closely with NASA and the largest medical center in the world, and is a leading force in bioengineering
  • Participate in mentoring and professional development opportunities tailored to ensure your success